Contract Update
May 1, 2024


We fought hard in bargaining and won new Bargaining Unit (BU) 4 language in our 2023 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU ) (also known as “the Contract”), (article_5_-_ta_2023_0.pdf (  giving us the right to establish the BU 4 DMV JLMC (Joint Labor Management Committee). In April, our Team met with the Department of Motor Vehicles’ top level management team to discuss ongoing statewide issues affecting our working conditions.

We discussed the following:

  • Driver Safety Case Management System
  • Virtual Field Office
  • DayForce
  • Training Issues
  • Overtime

“Our DMV JLMC affects the atmosphere of DMV, and secures the power, strength, and culture of labor for our future. Let us increase our power! Tell your coworkers that membership and solidarity matter.”