Cost Savings Task Force Begins Collaboration with the State to Identify $200 Million in Savings


Our Cost Savings Task Force, made up of eight Local 1000 member leaders and eight members of the State—including a representative from the Department of Finance—was created to leverage our power and drive the State to find $200 million in cost reductions. These savings would then be redirected to employee compensation for July 2021. While $200 million is a relatively small amount of money in terms of the overall budget, it’s vital to the working people we represent.

We secured this Task Force in our recent Side Letter negotiations to work collaboratively and creatively with the State to identify savings. The Task Force will meet regularly through March 2021, when a draft of the recommendations will illustrate savings the State can achieve in the next fiscal year.

Rather than simply accepting the outcomes of the $54 billion budget deficit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our bargaining team fought for a better way to meet the State’s needs while protecting our hard-fought contractual rights.

At the first meeting, held in August, the team established goals and guidelines. In September, we received information about the State’s budget process, and further developed a formula for working together to ensure best results.

At the same time our Task Force members are examining the details of the State budget, they’re reviewing suggestions received from hundreds of Local 1000 members who participated in a survey earlier this Spring. In effect, our Task Force is bringing many members’ voices into the meetings.

 “We feel like the State is a true partner in finding budget solutions,” said Task Force member Laura Slavec. “This isn’t a negotiation, but rather a team effort that gives us the best opportunity for success.”

Joining Laura Slavec on the Task Force are: Tonya Bealey (DMV), Miguel Cordova (CDE), Mandy Ho (DHCS), Thomas Hwang (CDI), Brenda Modkins (DOJ), Charity Regalado (CDCR), and Jamie Ormond (CPUC).

Suggestions on cost savings in your workplace or department are still welcome. Send an email with your ideas to

To track the progress of our Cost Savings Task Force and watch for additional ways you can get involved, click here.