Cost Savings Task Force: Digging deeper to find budget solutions


Our Cost Savings Task Force (CSTF) met once again with the State in late January as they work towards identifying $200 million in budget reductions, which can be redirected to employee compensation for July 2021 to ensure that our 2% general salary increase is not delayed until 2022.

Our Task Force team has established work groups to dig deeper into ways to find savings. Their work with the State is focused primarily on adjustments to the procurement process, personal service contracts, and other innovative ideas. Now that Governor Newsom’s initial budget proposal is out, our team is working with the 2021-2022 State budget to find savings concepts.

As part of a member-driven campaign, most of our savings concepts have been sent for review to the Task Force by employees who see their department’s expenditures “from the front line.” Despite the State’s attempt to cancel our hard-fought contract wins and enact a 10 percent pay cut during the summer of 2020, our Union—through the power and insight of our members and our member-elected, member-led bargaining team—found a better way.

The Cost Savings Task Force was one result. CSTF will continue to operate collaboratively and meet regularly through March 2021, after which a draft of final recommendations will be delivered to illustrate savings the State can achieve in the next fiscal year.

With several meetings still to come, members are encouraged to “join the fight” through political or organizing activities. Working together, we can make our voice heard. To track the progress of our Cost Savings Task Force and watch for additional ways you can get involved, visit