Cost Savings Task Force Turning Information into Savings Solutions


With our third monthly meeting with the State completed, our Cost Savings Task Force is identifying possible cost reductions with the goal of gaining our 2021 general salary increase as scheduled.

During the Task Force’s most recent meeting on October 28, the State presented an overview of their complex purchasing and procurement system to our member leaders, so they can better understand how the State spends its money. It’s not an easy task: each state agency has a different approach, and the State’s overall budget contains millions of line items. However, our team remains confident that we can reach our savings goal of $200 million, particularly as our understanding of the State budget process grows.

Despite the challenges, our Task Force members are turning that information into ideas. “We are already presenting cost-savings solutions to ensure the State has plenty of time to respond,” says Mandy Ho, a Health Program Auditor at DHCS in Rancho Cucamonga.

Earlier this year, our members used their unique perspective of their jobs and workplaces to contribute valuable cost savings ideas, which our Task Force is already evaluating to develop savings concepts to present to the State. In fact, several concepts were directly inspired by information obtained through member surveys.

Suggestions on cost savings in your workplace or department are still welcome. Send an email with your ideas to

During our Side Letter negotiations this summer, our bargaining team fought for a better way to meet the State’s needs for cost savings while protecting our hard-earned contract rights. Our task force, comprised of eight Local 1000 member leaders who are working collaboratively with a standing team of State representatives, was one result. The team will continue to meet regularly through March 2021, gather information, and deliver final recommendations that outline a pathway for the State to save money in the next fiscal year.

To track the progress of our Cost Savings Task Force, Click here for updates and additional ways you can get involved and stay engaged.