CTF teacher learns how Politics Matter to state workers
Legislative fellowship invigorates political activism for Central Coast steward


Maureen Thompson is returning to her job with a fresh outlook on Local 1000’s work after completing a three-month legislative fellowship at our Sacramento headquarters.

Thompson’s fellowship opened up a new world for the member who has already served the union as a job steward, District Bargaining
Unit Representative (DBUR) for District Labor Council (DLC) 741 and delegate to the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council.

Thompson gained a sharper perspective on the challenges Local 1000 faces in this time of big money anti-labor attacks.

“My biggest takeaway is that politics 
matter,” she said. “We need to increase membership and COPE (Committee on Political Education) contributions because we have a battle in front of us; they’re coming at us with all their money. Every day we hear about how evil unions are and how state workers are sucking everything dry.”

Thompson also got first-hand experience with the union’s work at the capitol, “There are so many bills to track that are coming at us every year and so many bills we want. Seeing how the president and vice presidents and the staff interact with the legislature has been an eye opener for me.”

Thompson is leaving her fellowship with a much broader understanding of how members direct the day-to-day business of the union.

“We have a staff that knows so much; their knowledge is amazing,” said Thompson, who returned to teaching at the Correctional Training Facility in Soledad on May 18. “But our union really is member led. Our members do a lot.”