December Update for Bargaining Unit 3 


At the November Statewide Bargaining Advisory Committee (SBAC) meeting, there were several items that were presented to the District Bargaining Unit Representatives (DBURs); representing the various District Labor Councils. 

Susan Stuart, steward at the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility, in Camarillo, California, visited the meeting, and was included in all of our activities.

The first Unit specific activity took place directly after the end of the general session on Saturday. 

Vacancies on the Bargaining Unit Negotiating Committee (BUNC) were created by the loss of John Kern, and Sulghi Hong, as they have moved on and, we wish them well in their future endeavors.  Their vacancies on the BUNC were filled by Lisa Hoxie, from the Sonoma Developmental Center and, Maureen Thompson, from Salinas Valley State Prison.  The Vice Chair’s vacancy created by John Kern’s departure was filled by the election of Terry Hibbard, from Corcoran State Prison. 

The Bargaining Unit Strategic Plan, which had been under development for the past six months, was presented to the DBURs by Bruce Theel, Terry Hibbard, and Charles Thompson.  The highlights of the plan, the Implementation Team, and the Legislative Action Team, were discussed, and the qualifications for each team were set forth for the DBURs to discuss and think about.  The DBURs were asked to identify stewards and activists who would be willing to assist with implementation and worksite actions at all of the institutions that were identified in the strategic plan.

The Implementation Team will be led by Terry Hibbard, and the Legislative Action Team will be led by Maureen Thompson. 

The 5.19.3 committee, dealing with compensation and classification issues, is led by Sue Knapp; and she is joined by team members Lisa Hoxie, and Robert “Bob” Holtz.  Bob is from the California Institute for Men, in Chino.  A meeting with the State has been requested, however, as of this date, the State has not responded.

A Public Records Act Request concerning the foundation, funding, scope of programs and authority of the Prison Industry Authority is being filed with the CDCR, to help us prepare for any upcoming political, and worksite actions aimed at protecting our vocational instructors in the CDCR.  Solicitation of PIA activities

An interim reconciliation of the salaries paid to the teachers in the CDCR Division of Juvenile Justice, has been requested.  This is a result of the confusion created by the imposition of a new calendar, by the Superintendent of the California Education Authority (the education branch of the DJJ), that drastically changed the academic year of the DJJ system. 

Speaking of academic calendars…As of the 15th of November, they were late.  Follow-up with the Department has resulted in the Office of Correctional Education calendar being sent to the union…we are still waiting for the notification that the DJJ calendar has been received by the Union. 

When communicating with the Union, please use your personal email…  Remember…Big Brother is listening and READING!

Your BUNC consists of the following DBURs:

  • Chairman: Bruce Theel, High Desert State Prison, Susanville, CA (CDCR)
  • Vice Chair: Terry Hibbard (CDCR)
  • Alt. Vice Chair: Suzanne Knapp (CDCR)
  • BUNC Member: Helen “Lisa” Hoxie (DDS)
  • BUNC Member: Maureen Thompson (CDCR)