Department of State Hospitals (DSH)
Meet & Confer update


On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, SEIU Local 1000 met with the Department of State Hospitals (DSH) to meet and discuss over the status and future of Health and Safety Committees at all five facilities, per Section 10.2 of the MOU. At this meeting, member leaders represented all the DSH facilities, except for Atascadero. Positive steps were taken and will continue in order to ensure success for Health and Safety Committees at each facility to appropriately address concerns collaboratively with management and all staff unions.

This table will remain open, and we will meet again with DSH management in August 2021. It is important for all DSH members to get engaged in this effort. Be on the lookout for future communication, and please encourage your fellow members to update their contact information with SEIU Local 1000 here. We want to ensure you are receiving all email and text communication.