DJJ Meet and Confer


On February 22 and 23, representatives of the Education Service Branch (ESB) of the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), sat down with Bargaining Unit 3 representatives Pamm Handel of the Northern California Youth Correctional Center, and Susan Stuart of the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility, along with Bruce Theel, Bargaining Unit 3 Chair.

During this two-day meeting, the Academic Calendar for 2018/19 was the subject of discussion.  Article 23.2 of the current contract requires that the calendar fit a 90-90-30 day format.  Representatives Handel and Stuart proposed minor changes to the ESB calendar as presented.  The changes were proposed to enable our members to deliver quality academic services, for example:  scheduling a staff development day after a grading day with the aim of  allowing teachers to prepare for their rooms for the next grading period.

The calendar has been agreed to by both parties, and ESB will send it out shortly.