DMV Driver Safety Reopenings


On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, our DMV H.E.A.T. team met with management to continue discussions over the reopening of the Driver Safety Branches to the public. This meeting was a follow-up to the initial meet and confer held on February 11, 2021. Much like the first meeting, our DMV H.E.A.T. team members centered their strategy on conversations with members from Driver Safety Branches across the state. Our team continued to pressure management to address all health and safety concerns for our members related to COVID-19.

The key points from this meeting are as follows:

  • The member-led team is continuing to monitor the implementation of the plexiglass in all the Driver Safety Offices in order to safely conduct in-person hearings. No in-person hearings should be conducted until plexiglass has been properly installed.
  • Once the plexiglass is installed, the only in-person hearings that should be conducted are for:
    • ADA/ American Sign Language
    • Witness identity/confirmation
    • Fraud-identity or test related
  • DMV assured our team that each hearing office is currently or will be equipped for proper social distancing of six feet for up to four people, including the Hearing Officer. If more than three people appear for an in-person hearing then the Hearing Officer should contact their manager to request a larger space and not conduct the hearing.
  • Hearing Officers will continue to be on a staggered schedule, where Hearing Officers may have in-person hearings up to two days a week.
  • There will be no change to anyone’s current telework schedule.
  • Hearing Officers are encouraged to request face shields from their supervisors for added protection.
  • If anyone is experiencing any issues, and/or feels unsafe in their working conditions, please reach out to Wendy Parker-Carpenter through email at
  •   In order to monitor any outstanding issues with the Driver Safety reopening, this table will remain open and our DMV H.E.A.T. team will continue to address issues with management to ensure all Driver Safety offices are adhering to guidelines administered by DMV.