DMV Meet and Confer Update
Saturday Service Hours


SEIU Local 1000 met and conferred with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on August 29, 2018 to continue negotiations regarding the impacts of the implementation of the RealID program. The primary focus of the discussions was around the increased hours and locations of operations at DMV field offices.

“What we want from the department is to understand how they pick and choose which offices to open, and why have them open on those specific Saturdays” said Sheila Byars, Unit 1 BUNC and DMV Heat Team member. “At the table, they walked us through their process and reasoning and let’s just say there is room for improvement” Ms. Byars concluded.

Additionally the team passed proposals modifying DMVs current plans for Saturday office hours for November 10 (Veteran’s Day weekend) and November 29 (Thanksgiving day weekend). The department has yet to respond.

“Our members have been working hard to support the department during these last few months. We are sacrificing our Saturdays, but now they want to make us give up our holiday weekends” said Tom Krieger, Unit 4 BUNC and DMV Heat Team member. “We passed proposals to make these holiday weekends strictly voluntary and only open from 8 am to 1 pm” Mr. Krieger continued.

Our union improved the overtime language (Article 19.2) to require that holidays are counted as hours worked for the purpose of calculating overtime if you are mandated to work that same week. So to be paid overtime on Saturday September 8, you must be mandated, voluntary overtime will be paid as straight time.

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