DOs & DON’Ts for Resume Writing


Resume Writing DOs

  1. Review your resume carefully for spelling and grammatical errors.
  2. Present your information in a neat, organized and professional manner.
  3. Outline specific duties for each position listed.
  4. Include individual accomplishments for each position.
  5. Detail your responsibilities for each position.
  6. Use action words; avoid weak or passive language.
  7. Maintain consistency throughout the entire resume with display techniques, punctuation, verb tense, dates and spacing.
  8. Use bullets to describe your duties/responsibilities. Bullets enable you to present your information in a clear, concise, easy to read manner. Try to begin each bullet with an action word.
  9. Make your resume brief, but complete.
  10. List references on a separate sheet of paper.
  11. Explain large gaps in employment history.
  12. Include contact information at top of resume.

Resume Writing DON’Ts

  1. Include personal information
  2. List hobbies and interests
  3. Provide too much information 
  4. Brag
  5. Provide false information
  6. Include outdated or irrelevant information
  7. Include salary requirements
  8. Include negative statements