EDD gains in fight against out-of-control workloads
5:58 PM - April 20, 2010


We’ve made headway in the on-going fight against out-of-control workloads. The state has agreed to and is currently hiring 110 new Disability Insurance Program Representatives (DIPRs) in the Disability Insurance Branch. EDD has agreed to convert 24 intermittent Employment Program Representatives (EPRs) to permanent full time positions. In addition, Job Services recently hired 295 veterans as EPRs as limited term to work in their “Welcome Home Program.” 
Unemployment Insurance (UI) has been inundated with work and is currently training 1,300 new employees. Local 1000 met with the state in March and April and further discussions are anticipated.

Unit 1 representatives at the table were James Hooben, EPR, Sacramento; Otis Tidwell, EPR, San Diego; and Margaret Wilson, DIPR, Santa Barbara. For more information, contact Margaret atmargaret.wilson@edd.ca.gov.

In addition, Local 1000 and EDD management have reached agreement fixing the safety concerns for frontline EDD employees. They will no longer have badges with their full names visible to the public. This is in response to growing concerns about safety at EDD. The badges will now reveal the first name only.