February Update for Bargaining Unit 3


The first Statewide Bargaining Advisory Committee (SBAC) meeting of 2018, was held over the weekend of February 10 and 11, in Los Angeles.

Among the activities at the SBAC meeting was an address by former Teamsters and SEIU Local 1 member Anthony Prince.  Mr. Prince spoke to the SBAC regarding the situation in Wisconsin since the passage of Act 10, the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill and the subsequent passage of “Right to Work” legislation. 

He highlighted the decline in wages and benefits. For example, public school teacher salaries had declined by 2.6% in the first five years after passage of the two pieces of legislation, and the median value of their benefits declined by 18.6%.  Another example was the health insurance benefits cost ratio switching from 80% state and 20% worker to 80% worker and 20% state.  This is not good news for an individual or a family with a member who might have a chronic condition.

After Mr. Prince’s address, the focus turned toward our ability to talk with our members and our communities about “Right to Work” and how organizations such as the “Freedom Foundation” are working against working people. 

You’ll recall that in “Right to Work” states wages, benefits, etc. are not on the same level as those that we currently enjoy.

I’m sure that most of you have seen the graphics that compare wages, benefits and safety in similar jobs in “Right to Work” and Union states.

On Sunday, the DBURs of the Bargaining Unit came together for a discussion of strategic contract enforcement through the appropriate use of grievances along with other strategic actions.

There are some times that a grievance may not be an appropriate to resolve a problem.  There are times when you need to use organizing activity in conjunction with a grievance.  If you would like to know more, contact the DBUR representing your DLC.  Michael Halloran briefed the Bargaining Unit on a grievance that is being prepared for arbitration concerning instructors at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison not being authorized to access the Folger Adams keys which would let them enter and depart the buildings that their classes are located in.  Currently, they must have a custody officer open the door for them.  I do not know how many institutions are using the same policy, however, I do know that High Desert State Prison in Susanville authorizes it instructors to use the Folger Adams keys to access the buildings in which their classrooms are located. 

In other news…the calendar issued by the Office of Correctional Education should be out by the time the teachers in the Adult Division of the CDCR read this.  Jennifer Winistorfer, of the OCE, acknowledged that days listed as “Quarterbreak,” are supposed to be used for the preparation of quarterly reports required by the OCE and the department.  Mrs. Winistorfer also noted that the day could be diverted because of departmental or institutional need or because of safety and security concerns.

The Meet and Confer for the Education Services Branch of the Division of Juvenile Justice academic calendar will be on the 22 and 23 of February.  Our 5.19.3 Committee will be meeting with the State on March 2.  This committee discusses issues of classification and compensation that concern the Bargaining Unit. 

The newly formed Strategic Action Teams of the Bargaining Unit will begin training to prepare for their roles during the first week of March.  The Strategic Action Teams are the result of intensive discussion and planning that took place over the last eight to ten months.  More information on the roles and activities of these teams will be coming out in the next couple of months.

Last, but certainly not least…DBURs Michael Halloran DLC 710 and Terri Switzer DLC 707 announced their impending retirements.  We wish them well in their future endeavors.

Until next time…

Your BUNC consists of the following DBURs

Chair: Bruce Theel, High Desert State Prison, Susanville, CA (CDCR) btheel@seiu1000.org
Vice Chair:  Terry Hibbard (CDCR) terrygh50@hotmail.com
Alternate Vice Chair: Suzanne Knapp (CDCR)
BUNC Member:  Helen “Lisa” Hoxie (DDS)
BUNC Member:  Maureen Thompson (CDCR)