Financial Accountability and Transparency Starts at the Top


SEIU Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown is fulfilling his campaign promise by eliminating salary stipends for himself and the three statewide vice presidents. The voluntary action of our statewide leaders will save our union more than $144,000 annually.

This move towards fiscal responsibility and transparent accountability is part of President Brown’s 10-point platform and demonstrates a commitment to creating a new way of financial spending that doesn’t include politics or non-germane activities.

“I volunteered for my job as president,” said President Brown. “I’m fulfilling my promise to the 100,000 state employees I represent to create a real labor union, focused on enforcing our contract.”

“By eliminating stipends we’re ending a questionable financial practice that cost our union more than a half-million dollars ($500,000) in the fiscal years 2016-2021. This was money paid to the previous statewide officers.”

For more information about President Brown’s 10-Point Plan, click here.