Governor Releases Budget
A Brighter and More Stable Future for California


Governor Jerry Brown released his final budget, a proposal of $190.3 billion. By law, the California Constitution requires the governor to submit a budget proposal by January 10th.

The budget is now headed to the state legislature where budget committees in the Assembly and State Senate will review the full details of the budget beginning later this month.

By May, California’s updated revenue numbers are available, and the numbers are reported in the May Revise. The legislature and Governor then enter into negotiations on the full budget based on actual revenue reported. According to law, the legislature must deliver a budget bill to the governor by June 15th or risk not being paid. For the past seven years, the legislature has been on time. The governor then has until June 30th to sign the bill, just in time for July 1st, which is the beginning of California’s fiscal year.

Through the entire process we will keep a watchful eye to ensure that our members’ interests are protected. This is why politics matter. We work hard to elect a governor who will stand up for working families. We will continue to safeguard the interests of our members and communities by supporting and electing candidates that stand up for working families, retirement security and affordable health care benefits for all.

Highlights of the Governor’s Budget:

  • Fully fund California’s rainy-day cash reserve fund to $13.5 billion, by depositing a total of $5 billion into the state “rainy day fund. ” This would be the largest cash reserve in state history.
  • An additional $6.2 billion contribution to CalPERS to ensure the pension fund’s long-term sustainability.
  • $1.2 billion for increased employee compensation, health care costs and retiree health care prefunding for active employees.
  • Millions in the budget for apprenticeship and innovation grants, allowing us to increase our ability to provide professional training opportunities for our members—like our successful Registered Nursing and Information Technology apprenticeship programs.