Grievance filed over set-up/shutdown time at EDD offices
9:11 AM - February 1, 2011


Local 1000 has filed a grievance to stop the Employment Development Department’s (EDD) mandate that employees work outside their prescribed shifts without pay. Although “set-up and shutdown time” is paid work time under our contract, EDD has directed employees to work before and after their assigned start and end times.
“We are working on the frontlines of California’s unemployment crisis, and we know how much work there is to do,” said Jim Hooben, a steward at an EDD call center in Sacramento. “But the intense workload is no reason to violate our contract. We should get compensated for the work that we do–all of it.”

“Our contract is clear on this point,” said Margarita Maldonado, chair of Bargaining Unit 1. “If you start work at 8 a.m., you can’t be expected to take calls at 8 a.m.–you need sufficient time to log on to your computer and read the relevant messages. And if you’re still on the phone after 5 p.m. dealing with a customer or client issue–that’s paid overtime for the employee, not free time for the state.”

Local 1000 contract language doesn’t become “null and void” because EDD is implementing new technology in its call centers and tax branch. Our contract says, “Time necessary to ’set-up’ and/or ’shutdown’ a state function shall be part of the employee’s workday.” (Article 19.5)

Local 1000 has filed a grievance over this issue, and we need examples from workers in call centers all over the state. If you’re not being paid for set-up and shutdown time, contact your worksite steward or call the Member Resource Center at 866.471.SEIU (7348).