Holding politicians accountable


As a member political organizer in San Diego, Tammy Endozo has listened to many politicians talk about what they would do if elected. As a legislative fellow working out of Local 1000’s Sacramento office, she’s had a chance to see how many of them actually hold to the promises they’ve made. It’s been an eye-opening experience for her, reinforcing the importance of members being involved and active in the electoral process.

“We need the right people,” Endozo said of the legislators we elect. “They have to be true to their word and their values. If not, they’re going to do whatever they want when they get there and not really help the middle class.”

The Local 1000 legislative fellowship provides members the opportunity to work full-time as a member of our legislative team as we advocate for bills that directly affect our jobs, our pensions and California’s working families.

Endozo, whose three-month fellowship will end mid-October, said she’s found the stint interesting. She’s learned about how much work goes into each bill, about how much legislator’s staff do to prepare legislation—and how much research goes into Local 1000’s work on every bill we sponsor and support.

She knows that politics matter to Local 1000 members and that holding politicians accountable means keeping a keen eye on what happens at the Capitol.

“I would encourage members to get involved because it opens your eyes to what’s going on around you and how politics truly affect your job.”