Holiday greetings from the BUNC


This has been a long and trying year for everyone in State service. The fight for a contract we can all be proud of has been long, hard and very frustrating.  Did we get all that we wanted? No.  However, we did make significant progress in our struggle to gain adequate recognition, compensation and respect for our members. 

The bargaining team was able to secure language that provided the ability for our members to complete their tasks in some degree of comfort, without being placed in jeopardy of health and safety. The coaches in the State Special Schools will receive significant raises in the amount of their coaching stipends that will more adequately defray the expenses incurred as they work with their young athletes.  And, during this time period, Sulghi Hong, from the California School for the Deaf in Fremont, California, led the members of the school in an action against bad management.  The members were joined by the parents, students and the community to force the departure of Dr. Sean Virnig from the position of Superintendent.  Sulghi can now be called the “Organizing Beast of Fremont!” We are incredibly proud to have him as part of our team.

The members of the BUNC extend our congratulations not only to Sulghi, but also to all involved in “Take Back CSD;” you have done VERY well!

Teachers in CDCR saw the reduction in the number of salary schedules first instituted in 2007, from seven to two.  It has taken ten years to make that change. Hopefully, it won’t take that long to completely seal the breach, and the teachers of CDCR will be back on a single salary schedule statewide, remembering that our librarians must, and will, be part of that reconciliation.

For all of our efforts, there are many instances where we did not succeed.  The Departments of State Hospitals, Developmental Services, Rehabilitation and, to a certain extent, the Department of Education, had no interest in discussing our proposals for teachers, teacher specialists, educational psychologists and librarians.  We have not forgotten our brothers and sisters in those agencies.  Through continued efforts of the entire Bargaining Unit, those agencies will listen to us!

In light of all that has happened in the past year, the Bargaining Unit Negotiating Committee wishes to extend our best wishes to you and your loved ones for this holiday season.

Personally, I ask that you take stock of all the good things that have come your way this year and treasure them.  Take all of the bad things, place them in a shoe box, place the lid on it, put it in the closet and leave it there.

From all of us, to all of you…

Merry Christmas and
a very happy and prosperous
New Year!



Bruce Theel

John Kern

Suzanne Knapp

Terry Hibbard

Sulghi Hong