The Importance of Maintaining Tight Labor Affiliations


SEIU Local 1000 continues to maintain our affiliations with other labor organizations such as the California Federation of Labor, SEIU California, and many smaller Central Labor Councils (CLCs) throughout California. Our new leadership team, led by President Richard Louis Brown, recognizes the value of these associations as these connections help create a stronger labor movement in California. President Brown is actively working to strengthen these connections in ways that benefit all of our represented employees.  

The benefits of working together include:

  1. CLCs play a key role in strikes and other pressure campaigns.  From the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) strike in 2019 to various Janitorial and Hotel Worker strikes since 2000, the LA Fed mounts a bevy of support tactics, from sanctions and communications to food support for striking workers, as well as logistical support for major actions.
    1. CLCs also have excellent media relations personnel to assist us in amplifying our message. 
  2. CLCs mount campaigns to defeat anti-union legislation that qualifies for the ballot. Proposition 75 in 2005 is a good example:
  3. CLCs could also help us counter the current anti-union ballot measures.

3. The LA Federation played a role in public sector locals continued growth following Janus vs. AFSCME. CLCs helped by setting up union summer activists to visit worksites for locals like the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).   

4. CLCs helped establish locals as a jobs pipeline through apprenticeships programs, expanding the local’s role in employing people at the State. 

For more information on how to get involved in your local CLC, please reach out to Regina Whitney ( if you are in the Bay Area, Guy Rinfrow ( for Sacramento, or Marx Gutierrez ( if you reside in Southern California. Thank you!