Important dates for employees scheduled to relocate in 2012
10:59 AM - March 19, 2012


Surplus letters are now available for State Fund employees who are scheduled to relocate in 2012. Employees impacted by the relocation can request a surplus letter from SCIF Human Resources.

Surplus letters give you priority hiring status. Unlike SROA status, you are not notified of vacancies by hiring agencies and must seek out job opportunities on your own.

Important dates for you to know:

May 15-31:
Time period to cash out 80 hours of accrued time if you’re relocating more than 35 miles (Article 13).

June 1:
Deadline to choose an extended employment option (Article 9).

60 days prior to your move date:
Notice of your report-to-work date and options that may be available for you (Article 38).

To read the full agreement on the relocations between Local 1000 and State Fund management, click here >>