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As we approach the two-year anniversary of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are reflecting on how our lives, our jobs, and our state has been severely disrupted in that time. No matter how it impacted you, what clearly stood out to everyone was the dedication and commitment of the essential workers who kept our communities functioning, providing the critical services needed to weather the worst of this pandemic. 

At a time when a trip to the grocery store was deemed unsafe, our represented employees accepted the risk to themselves and their families and served the public heroically. Local 1000 remained on the front lines throughout the pandemic, providing the vital services Californians expect, while fighting to ensure management and the State provided safe workplaces that kept workers and our communities safe as well. Now it’s time for all of our workers to be compensated — those who continued to go into work and those who engaged in telework.

California’s prior state budget for FY ’20-21 included an incredibly $76 billion surplus with next year’s projected budget to be nearly identical with $75 billion in surplus, proving the State has been totally resilient and has been able to remain financially unscathed in these pandemic times due largely thanks to the efforts of our 100,000-strong Local 1000-represented state employees work to keep California moving. In spite of this, the new budget contains NO direct provision to provide the premium pay essential workers earned over the last year.  WE CAN NO LONGER WRITE ENDLESS CHECKS TO POLITICIANS!

SINCE we are all in this together, Essential Worker Premium Pay is meant to compensate everyone that provided essential work to keep the 4th largest economy in the world relentlessly robust and clearly unaffected including front-line workers who couldn’t work remotely and, as a consequence, faced “heightened risks due to the character of their work”. As normal and expected, Local 1000 workers led the way in fighting to enforce safe working conditions on the job and to reduce the risk of exposure to communities across the state, all while working in these challenging conditions. However, the State has strategically and hypocritically chosen to not provide this premium pay to us.

That’s why we are coming together and delivering our petitions to the Governor demanding compensation that reflects the past and the current ongoing hazards Local 1000 employees face while keeping California going strong and vibrant!

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