Legislators hear Local 1000 issues direct from members on Lobby Day
Making politics matter at the capitol

Local 1000 activists went to the Capitol on August 26 to lobby on behalf of our members.

Representing worksites and DLCs from across the state, the members brought our issues to legislators through face-to-face conversations. Making these personal connections ensures that the people who make laws understand the real consequences of their decisions on the working people of California.

The member-lobbyists received training in the morning and then traveled to the Capitol with an important goal: show lawmakers that politics matter to Local 1000 members.

In their own words:

“We can go back and report to our DLCs and say to people, ‘your passions were heard and you are supported by the people you elected.”
Tisa Rodriguez, Environmental Planner, CalTrans, DLC 704


“I bring the voice of over 95,000 state workers to share with legislators. It’s important to let them know how we feel so they know how to do their job.”
Regina Whitney, Legal Secretary, DOJ, DLC 743


“It’s important for Local 1000 members to come out and have these conversations because any one of these bills could affect our jobs.”
Tammy Endozo, Licensed Vocational Nurse, CDCR CCHS, DLC 701


“We come to the Capitol to work on legislation that affects our members and the community.”
Bruce Theel, Teacher, High Desert State Prison, DLC 792




 “It shows that politics matter, leadership matters and activism matters.”
Dalia Jaramillo, Associate Right of Way Agent, CalTRANS, DLC 721