Little Hoover Commission Adopts Report on Mandatory Overtime
Local 1000 Nurses Testified Urging the Commission to take Action


On March 30th the Little Hoover Commission unanimously voted to adopt a report on the use of mandatory overtime at state facilities. Local 1000 nurse leaders testified as to the dangerous staffing practice and urged the Commissioners to adopt the report.

“Eliminating mandatory overtime is vital to improving working conditions for nurses across the state,” said Mary Naidoo, Registered Nurse at California Medical Facility. “The Commission’s report sheds light on the abuse of mandatory overtime.”

Review of mandatory overtime was requested by Assembly Member Ridley-Thomas – author of Assembly Bill 840 to eliminate mandatory overtime. The report is a result of the initial Commission hearing on August 27, 2015.

“Testifying at the Commission was a transformational experience and a great win for our continued fight to eliminate mandatory overtime,” reported Nick Mannion, Licensed Vocational Nurse at Salinas Valley State Prison.