Local 1000 celebrates teachers


A special message in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day from John Kern, Chair of Bargaining Unit 3’s Statewide Bargaining Advisory Committee

May 5, 2015 is Teacher Appreciation Day. Local 1000 appreciates the contributions of its teacher members in Bargaining Unit 3 and is proud to recognize and celebrate you today.  

Chris Lawyer is a teacher.  Like you, he is a member of Local 1000, in Bargaining Unit 3.  And like you, he goes to work in a challenging environment and brings out the best in his students. Recently Chris’ students placed 6th out of 42 with the business plan they entered in the UCLA’s Anderson School of Management! Keep in mind Chris’ students had to present their plan via video while other groups of over 500 high school students presented their plans in person at the event. Click here to read more about this inspiring achievement here.

Other outstanding correctional educators are also featured in videos on the CDCR website, including Emanuel Ezenwa, who teaches welding at Folsom State Prison, and Tom Melton, who teachers Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning at Deuel Vocational Institution. Click here to check out those stories here.

Your contributions are valuable. Your dedication does not go unnoticed. Your union leadership knows you provide education for a special population of California citizens and you do it well.  We honor your public service in education and we want you to know that we pledge to work hard every day to protect and enhance your pay, working conditions, retirement security and dignity as well as that of all working Americans in our communities. 

We hope you hear messages of support and appreciation from students, former students, families of students, administrators and colleagues during this National Teacher Appreciation Week and throughout the year. Thank you for your contributions to some of California’s neediest students and for choosing to become a member of your union, Local 1000. Your work matters and membership matters.

Let’s keep moving upward and onward, together, to build a more sustainable, successful and just California.