Local 1000 Doing Our Part to Support Healthy Communities
Clinics on April 15-17 and May 13 – 15 administer over 2500 Covid-19 vaccinations


The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important it is that we all are participants in the health of our communities, just as we care for our own health. SEIU Local 1000 members were able to help make the health of all our communities a priority at the Vaccine Clinic held at the Local 1000 offices in Sacramento. By ensuring that state workers have access to the vaccine, we can move our whole state one step closer to full vaccination and, hopefully, an end to the pandemic. 

Members who helped organize this event such as Bobby Dutta, an analyst for the Food and Drug Branch of the California Department of Public Health, saw first-hand how union organizers and member leaders were able to put together such a successful event. “It was also a humbling experience to witness a near-flawless COVID-19 vaccine clinic contrasted by the challenging scenes we all saw on national television with long lines,” he said. “The remote locations and scarcity of vaccines were a common theme. Here, I felt very proud to be a part of the SEIU Local 1000 union family.” 

Bobby’s work with the clinic was, like many of the organizers, driven by a frustration with issues of access to vaccines and a drive to change the situation. “I have seen the devastation and deaths caused by COVID-19,” he said. “This is why I got vaccinated—to protect my coworkers, loved ones, and the public. When I learned that SEIU Local 1000, in partnership with CalHR, was bringing this COVID-19 vaccine clinic to our members, I asked myself, ‘how can I help’ and the answer was simple: get involved.” The success of this event was built off the leadership of members who wanted to make a change in their community. 

For those who got their vaccinations at the Local 1000 office, the experience was quick and easy. Tessa and Tony Black, SEIU Local 1000 members working at the Franchise Tax Board and the Department of Tax and Fee Administration, were able to come in to get vaccinated. After waiting 2 weeks for an appointment with Kaiser, they got an email and within minutes of receiving it were able to get scheduled at Local 1000. “The longest thing honestly was answering the questions in the email,” said Tony, “and that only took a few minutes.” While getting a vaccine can be a stressful experience, SEIU Local 1000 member leaders made the process as easy as possible. “Don’t panic!” said Tessa, “it’s quick and easy. The only thing I wished I had known going into it was that there was free parking!” 

If you’d like to get more involved with some of our healthcare work, please email us at healthcare1000@seiu1000.org.