Local 1000 makes continued progress on Unit 15 Upward Mobility
September 24 meeting identifies resources and sets goals


The Unit 15 Upward Mobility Team met September 24 with the state’s representatives to discuss Upward Mobility programs.  Jesse Aranda (DSH) led the table, alongside Garth Underwood (CDCR), Shavone Brown (DGS), Ellis Washington (EDD) and Contract Department staff.

 The union and the state continued to identify existing state resources for Upward Mobility programs in DSH, DGS, EDD, CDCR and DDS.  The Union and the state agreed to produce a comprehensive toolkit that pulls together the resources and information that the team has identified during these meetings.

“We are always interested in finding ways to have the state support Upward Mobility,” said Jesse Aranda, the Unit 15 team lead. “What we have found is that some departments are doing good things and some departments have some resources, but they are not easily accessible. The goal with the toolkit is to push departments to learn from each other – which is happening – and make it easier for our members to find what is already out there.”  

 The Unit 15 Upward Mobility Team and state agreed to develop a draft of the toolkit that will be reviewed at the next meeting in November.  The team’s goal is to finalize the toolkit before the end of this year.