Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown fights to protect represented employees and staff


Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown has demonstrated his commitment to fight for the health and safety of represented employees and staff alike throughout his tenure. That means just as we expect the State to protect its workers, we will not put ours at risk.

Due to the increasing surge in the transmission of the COVID-19 Omicron variant, President Brown has made the decision to temporarily close all Local 1000 offices to all but essential staff. The offices will be closed until further notice but, at a minimum, two weeks.  All staff should continue to telework and perform their duties from home. Any staff who believe they need to come into the office or travel to a worksite to complete their assigned duties should contact their supervisor for permission before doing so.

President Brown takes the health and safety of Local 1000 staff and represented employees seriously.  President Brown is deeply committed to fighting for Local 1000’s represented employees’ safety in the workplace, to actively ensuring the proper legal paperwork is filed against the state,  and to alerting the news media of the state’s current disregard for the welfare of State employees.