Local 1000 Wins Across-The-Board Bonuses at SCIF
Union pushes back against 
two-tiered award system


Thanks to an agreement negotiated by Local 1000, nearly all represented workers at the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) will receive a 2.4 percent performance award this year. Announced on February 20, the annual award will go to everyone who is qualified to receive it.

The across-the-board nature of this year’s awards is a major victory that resulted from Local 1000’s push to make sure all employees at SCIF are fairly recognized for their hard work. The across-the-board awards replace the original two-tiered plan, which the union has long argued is too arbitrary and opens the system to abuse and favoritism.

“A two-tiered system doesn’t work as an incentive,” said Bargaining Unit 1 Chair Brenda Modkins, who is on the team that negotiated the agreement. “When employees perform above and beyond what is expected and don’t get the higher award, it creates more negative impacts than positive.”

A survey of Local 1000 members at SCIF confirmed overwhelming support for an across-the-board performance award. The original two-tiered award system purported to reward “regular” and “superior” performance, but led to a significant amount of mistrust and ill will throughout the organization.

Almost all Local 1000 members at SCIF—92 percent—will get the 2.4 percent award.

“Our members spoke out strongly and said they wanted these awards to be the same across-the-board,” said Local 1000 Vice President for Bargaining Margarita Maldonado. “We fought SCIF to reward all its workers fairly for their hard work and we won.”