LTA Arbitration Update


On November 2nd and 3rd, the union was back in arbitration working to show that LTA (Safety)’s who are independently running law libraries at CDCR are working out of class. 

As you may recall from previous updates, the arbitrator encouraged us to use a streamlined process for the statewide all-affected grievance.  That process involves putting forth one individual’s grievance to decide the threshold issue of whether we can demonstrate that the duties performed are out of class and meet the standards for out of class work in our MOU, before addressing some larger procedural issues.  The individual grievant is Marilyn Ibbotson, an LTA from Lancaster.  

We had the first two days of hearing on Ms. Ibbotson’s grievance in December 2015 where the union put on its case and the State began its case.  During the two additional days last week, the State completed its case, and we put on brief rebuttal testimony.  We are scheduled to have a brief telephone testimony on November 14 at which point the evidence presentation will be complete.  Written briefs will be submitted in the next couple of months, after which the Arbitrator will issue a decision on the individual grievance.