LUNAFEST Women’s Film Festival Builds the Local 1000 Community


More than 60 Local 1000 members from across the state joined the third annual LUNAFEST—the film festival that provides a platform for women to share their untold stories. This year’s event featured seven short films made by, and for, women.

More importantly, it was an opportunity for the Local 1000 Women’s Empowerment Committee to continue their work to build a stronger union and to be a powerful resource for our members.

“These films showcased issues that really resonated with our members,” said Tracie Kimbrough, herself a Local 1000 member working at EDD and the chair of the Women’s Empowerment Committee.

Two of the filmmakers joined Local 1000 members for the virtual screening and participated in a post-show Q & A session. They shared their experiences in making the films and their perspective on issues facing women today.

You can learn more about the films and their topics at

The Women’s Empowerment Committee is one of ten Local 1000 Human Rights Committees. Its mission is “…to be the change we see to see in our world, educating members on the issues that affect women and to empower one another to fight for the rights of members and all Californians.”

Click here to learn more about Local 1000’s Women’s Empowerment Committee.

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of a woman’s right to vote!

The Women’s Empowerment Committee is offering free t-shirts commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. Members only pay shipping costs. For more information email seiu1000wec@seiu1000org