Master Table Bargaining Update for Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Local 1000 bargaining pushes forward on creating Worker, Family, and Education Justice


Local 1000’s bargaining team met with the state to continue master table negotiations on Wednesday, July 17th.

Throughout our three weeks of negotiations we have championed building a California for All. Our members have responded – sharing powerful stories about their lives, their struggles, and their vision for what a California for All would mean for each of them.

Our bargaining team has set out an ambitious plan to not just improve our workplaces but to make the State of California a place where all of us can afford to live and take care of ourselves and our families. Today we continued those discussions through presenting 16 proposals that focused on ensuring our members are healthy, safe, and recognized for their contributions, experience and education.

Our team submitted proposals that would:

  • Cap the pre-funding of retiree healthcare in 2020 to ensure we have quality retiree healthcare that does not continue to rise in contribution costs; and that the benefit continues when we retire, no matter who holds elected office.
  • Create a Weekend Differential and increase the amount of the Night Shift Differential that would compensate our members who are required to work non-traditional hours.
  • Create a College Degree Differential that would recognize our members educational backgrounds with a monthly differential that compensates members for the educational background and expertise they bring to the state.  
  • Increase the compensation that our members, who are required to live and work out-of-state and do not have access to an in-state HMO plan, receive to cover their mandatory out-of-pocket costs for healthcare.
  • Support employees as they return to work with a new child by providing a room or other location that is not a bathroom, for a private place to express milk. This would help ensure that new parents are not sitting in a storage closet or an unsanitary space like a bathroom trying to take care of this critical, life-sustaining responsibility. 
  • Expand the opportunities our members have to save for retirement by adding the Tax-Advantaged Retirement Savings opportunities to the Deferred Compensation provisions of our current contract.
  • Clarify the definition of a call center to ensure that all eligible members receive the Call Center Differential.
  • Encourage agencies to develop wellness programs that provide classes, speakers and informational materials on stress management, nutrition and other health related issues.  
  • Ensure that work is safe place for our members by creating temperature controls and protocols for sharps disposal.
  • Expand the number of CDCR facilities that provide a recruitment and retention bonus.
  • Increase the amount of time provided to new employees during orientation to ensure they have adequate time to learn about their rights, benefits, and have all of their questions answered by a union representative.
  • Update “Supersession” language that outlines that any government code or state law is honored within our contract and if there is any conflict, the Contract will supersede the Government code, rule, regulation, policy, etc.  

We continue our negotiations at the Master Table on Thursday, July 18th.