Member Leader Mandy Ho Builds a Stronger Union with Consistency and Collaboration


Mandy Ho is a member leader who believes the power of Local 1000 resides in teamwork and collaboration, and she’s applying these principles as a member of the Cost Savings Task Force, a group of eight Local 1000 leaders working with the State to find $200 million in budget reductions and keep our 2021 general salary increase on schedule.

Mandy has evolved as her responsibilities as a member leader have grown over the course of her career. “I was curious about what the union does and why it’s important,” she said. “Over time, I learned how Local 1000 works for its members and why it’s important to stay active and engaged.” She’s also a union steward and part of the front line of member representation.

A Health Program Auditor working at DHCS in Rancho Cucamonga, Mandy joined with her colleagues in 2019 to raise statewide awareness in a salary disparity that affected their classification. “With the help of our Union, we were able to win a Special Salary Adjustment in our new contract.”

Mandy accepted the opportunity to be a part of the Cost Savings Task Force “because this salary increase means a lot to our members.” She wants to ensure that “despite the pandemic, our Union will continue to fight and be proactive for working families.”

“We want our members to be aware of the process, to get engaged, and to be part of the outcome,” Mandy says. “If we all participate, a little effort can lead to a big change.”

Mandy Ho reminds us that “change doesn’t happen overnight; it happens with consistency and with collaborative efforts. Unity is strength.”