Member Organizing made the difference in 2014


Grassroots activism was at the heart 
of our wins and advances
Local 1000 members up and down the state took action on many different fronts in 2014 to build successful campaigns that protected our hard-earned contract rights, improved working conditions and elected lawmakers who respect and support working families.

Using the power of grassroots organizing, members came together to build strength at their workplaces and in their communities to solve issues that affect their lives, and the lives of their families, friends and colleagues.

Here are some of the highlights of our 2014 wins:

The rights of our stewards to do their union work were upheld after a grievance was filed against Pelican Bay State Prison management.

More than 200 custodians at DGS won $300 reimbursements for personal laundry expenses after the state failed to provide clean uniforms.

Ten-month workers at state special schools won an arbitration that re-established their right to use leave time to earn a paycheck over the summer months.

More than 550 correctional dental assistants won a $1.7 million settlement after CDCR failed to pay a negotiated differential.

Members organized at CCHCS to enforce mandatory overtime protections to improve safety for workers and patients.

More than 450 intermittent workers at Covered California were converted to permanent, stable jobs due to the efforts of a workplace task force.

State workers received a 2% pay increase July 1 as a result of strong organizing in support of our 2013 contract campaign.

80% of SEIU-endorsed candidates and propositions prevailed in the fall election, after members engaged in thousands of conversations with voters.

We helped elect Theresa Taylor, one of our member leaders, to a seat on the CalPERS Board of Administration.

93 State Fund jobs were saved after members took a stand against outsourcing.

Healthcare workers at the CDCR records center in Sacramento won the right to a 4/10 work schedule.