Member Political Leader Reminds Voters to Educate Themselves, Vote Early, and be Safe!


The most important election in a generation is comprised of opportunities as well as challenges, and Local 1000 Member Political Organizer Doryce “Cabby” Caballero is doing double duty in getting out the vote: educating members about the issues along with how to cast and deliver their ballots.

Unofficial ballot boxes are just one example, say Cabby. “During phone banking, I’ve had voters tell me about the gray boxes placed by the Republican party—often at churches—that are not official and don’t have any guarantee of reliable collection or even being counted.”

“It’s important that each voter reads the approved methods for delivering their completed ballot, and that they take advantage of California’s new ‘Where’s My Ballot’ option that allows voters to receive notification of the status of their vote-by-mail ballot,” she says.

She’s also working hard to recruit volunteers to join the phone banks to get the message across to voters who are still undecided and have yet to fill out their ballots.

“There are twelve ballot propositions in California, and each deserves careful consideration,” she says. “There are many great sources of information for voters, chief among them, where you can see what union members are endorsing and why the issues matter.”

Cabby is a 13-year veteran of state service, helping incarcerated men in her role as a Registered Dental Assistant at Lancaster State Prison in Los Angeles County. Meanwhile, she’s working every day to bring home the votes “that will make positive changes for working families.”

“I’m doing this for my own family—I have four grown sons and four grandchildren—but I’m also supporting a better life for my coworkers, the communities they live in, and all of us here in California.”

Join Cabby in reaching out to voters in this election. Click here to volunteer your time to get out the vote. And for more information about propositions and candidates, visit the Local 1000 elections webpage.