A Message from Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown Regarding SBAC


Some Local 1000 members have raised concerns that the election oversight procedures, including the candidate observer and election protest procedures, are not in compliance with Local 1000’s protocols.  For instance, Local 1000 members allege that I am refusing to give candidate observers the option to be present on site for the vote count, and that I am limiting everyone to remote participation except for myself. They also assert that my position conflicts with normal safeguards for elections provided under Local 1000’s internal democratic procedures, especially because they allege that I will be the only Board member or observer allowed in the room for the vote count.

These concerns are completely and comprehensively unfounded and baseless.  Local 1000 will be conducting a fair and transparent BUNC election that fully complies with our internal election procedures. As you know, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic that continues to threaten the health and safety of our represented employees and staff, especially given the Delta and Omnicron variants. The Local 1000 SBAC is comprised of 137 dues paying members residing throughout the State of California, and some even out of state.  An in-person meeting would require extensive travel and overnight stays to accommodate all voting members.  In addition, an in-person meeting would be open for guests to attend, likely bringing the total attendance to over 400 people. Regulating recommended social distancing and masking requirements with a group that size would be challenging at best, and potentially deadly at worst. 

Holding our BUNC elections virtually was my choice as the duly elected Local 1000 President with no equal, and I did so because it is the responsible alternative for this particular situation.  A virtual meeting allows all eligible voters the opportunity to participate in the election process without exposing them to unnecessary health risks.  An Election Committee comprised of Local 1000 member observers will be in each virtual breakout room to monitor the election process and ensure compliance.  Furthermore, I, along with a select number of staff, will also be present “in the room” to conduct the meeting logistics.  However, there will be no physical votes to count since the entire election is being held using the Zoom polling function.  Votes will be anonymous and automatically tabulated by Zoom to remove any and all possibilities of human error.  And, Zoom will display the vote totals immediately for everyone in the breakout to verify for total transparency.

To further ensure access, each breakout session will be livestreamed to the open and unrestricted Local 1000 website homepage for viewing by the general membership and to the public.  Any bargaining unit member can watch the nominations, speeches, vote tabulation, and results for every BUNC position if they so choose.  Never before in Local 1000 history has an election been more transparent and available for review.

As always, I am happy to address any concerns raised by Local 1000 represented employees directly. My personal cell phone is readily available at 408-207-2339 and I hold an open Zoom meeting every Wednesday night at which anyone can ask questions and be heard as part of our member-run union.