Message from the President – May Revise
Local 1000 following state budget process closely to protect members’ interests


Late last week, Governor Brown released revisions to his 2015-2016 budget proposal, commonly known as the “May Revise.” Now, the Governor and the Legislature will spend the next month hammering out the details of the next state budget.

While Prop 30, coupled with an improving economy, has resulted in additional revenue, we are not out of the woods yet. Our research and legal staff is analyzing the revised budget closely and our legislative staff is in constant contact with elected leaders to make sure our members’ voices are heard as the budget moves through the process.

Here are some of the issues we are monitoring closely:

State retiree health care
The Governor has indicated a determination to bargain changes to the manner in which retiree health care is funded. Local 1000 will continue to maintain its position that state employee retirement security requires both a strong pension system and affordable medical care in retirement. We remain committed to insuring that retiree health care is protected and that the promises made to state workers are safeguarded.

State civil service
The May Revise includes proposals for reforming certain aspects of our civil service system. Many of these proposals have been raised in the past. Our members are the experts on how the work of the state functions. I have taken steps to insure that our members have a seat at the table in all negotiations about improving the state civil service system. Our focus will be to insure that any reforms provide upward mobility and training for our members, and increase our ability to deliver quality public services.

Department of Developmental Service
We will closely follow the state’s proposals to close developmental centers by 2021. These proposals have been in motion for several years. We will insist that the state honor its obligation to meet and confer with the Union over the effects of the closures on the wages, hours and working conditions of our members.

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State employees do more than just come to the office every day. We raise our families, live in communities and we believe in the value of public service to keep California moving forward.  As our economy begins to recover, our budget priorities should reflect the kind of California in which we all want to live.

We will continue to provide you with updates as we hold the government and legislative leaders accountable to you and the goal of a bright future for California.