Mother-Daughter Activist Duo a Taylor-Made Team


Developing new union leaders and member activists has been a long-standing priority of Local 1000. But for the Taylors, a powerful mother-daughter duo with an activist history that stretches back several decades, it’s always been a family affair.

Theresa Taylor (mom) is a twenty-year veteran of state service at the Franchise Tax Board. She’s served in a number of positions over the years at FTB’s DLC 786. But she’s perhaps best known for her service as Local 1000’s Vice President Secretary-Treasurer and for her work as a Board Member at CalPERS, where’s she’s serving her second term.

Daughter Anna-Marie Taylor also works at FTB as an IT specialist. She was a graduate of Local 1000’s LAPS (Leadership Apprentice Program for Stewards) program and soon thereafter joined the ranks of member leaders at DLC 786.

Anna-Marie got an early and steady exposure to activism. “By the time I was nine, my brother and I were walking precincts with Mom and tagging along to union meetings,” she said. “By middle school, I was an activist and have never stopped.”

From her mother, and from her own experience, being a leader and an activist “starts with a conversation.” Anna Marie adds that the simple act of a one-to-one discussion “makes it personal, allows for the exchange of knowledge, and brings often complex issues down to a personal level.” 

At the CalPERS Board of Administration, Theresa has been a tireless advocate for retirement security and affordable, accessible healthcare for our members. She’s at the forefront of leveraging billions of dollars of CalPERS’ worker capital—our pension dollars—to effect sweeping change in social, economic, and environmental justice in corporate boardrooms across America.

Mother and daughter will join forces again this summer as newly-elected leaders in their workplace, DLC 786. Anna Marie will step up as DLC president with Theresa as vice president. Their focus will be on building union power in an office complex where a majority of employees are teleworking, with a secondary priority of adding new stewards and developing new leaders.

Ask Theresa, and she’ll tell you her daughter has already outperformed her as an activist. Ask Anna-Marie, and she’ll say her all her inspiration comes directly from mom. From either perspective, they’ve spent their lives fighting for rights, for dignity, and for equality.