A New Year’s Message from the President
Active, engaged members made the difference in 2015


Over the past year, Local 1000 members up and down the state came together to build strength in their workplaces and in their communities, to solve issues that affect their lives and the lives of their families, friends and colleagues.

They organized to build successful campaigns that protected their hard-earned contract rights and their pensions and to improve the lives of all Californians.

Among our accomplishments in 2015:

  • Saw a 2.5% salary increase for Local 1000-represented employees; part of a 4.5% increase negotiated in our 2013 contract
  • Pressured the state to convert 125 Permanent Intermittent workers at the Employment Development Department to full-time employment
  • Created a dynamic and comprehensive steward training program to ensure skilled, member-led representation in our workplaces
  • Fought for improved safety in dangerous workplaces by forcing Salinas Valley State Prison to fix a long-broken call light system
  • Waged an ongoing campaign to update the job specifications of nearly 4,000 Unit 4 Program Technicians
  • Worked with our allies to fight ballot initiatives that threaten to take away our hard-won pensions
  • Moved an aggressive legislative agenda of Local 1000-sponsored and supported bills through the legislature
  • Signed up 1000 new members at DMV—employees hired to address the rush of license applications after the passage of AB 60
  • Won $35,000 in back pay for employees at Covered California after they were placed on unpaid leave and investigated for unknown reasons
  • Engaged membership at the California School for the Deaf to push back against unwanted changes in the school’s academic calendar
  • Worked to provide a dignified retirement for all Californians through the Secure Choice Retirement Board
  • Shut down hostile management suppression of our members’ right to conduct union activities at Department of Social Services and CDCR
  • Launched a comprehensive and ongoing campaign to update and modernize IT job classifications
  • Continued our fight against income equality by supporting a $15 minimum wage and the right of workers to unionize
  • Elected a new bargaining team and began comprehensive training and planning to negotiate a new contract in 2016
  • Working together, our membership created a strong voice for change.

Looking forward, we will need to be even stronger and more united for the challenges ahead.

In Solidarity,

Yvonne R. Walker,
President Local 1000