Our hard-earned contract rights still in force

As we continue to take actions in support of a strong contract, we are still fully protected by our existing contract. Each of our hard-earned rights, achieved in past negotiations, is still in force. 

Our stewards are still providing real representation to enforce our hard-earned rights. And as we show our strength and pledge our support to take all Local 1000 authorized actions, management will threaten and try to intimidate us in an effort to weaken our cause. We’re not falling for it. 

Standing up for a strong contract is our right. We won’t be intimidated for participating in actions or using our voice to stand up for what we believe in. 

This is our Union. This is our Contract. This is our Future.

Our rights are preserved with our strength and unity. Let’s work together for a stronger contract.

Questions about contract protections? Call the Member Resource Center (866) 471-SEIU(7348)