PIA Update


Since our last conference call, we have been working on our options for a strategic action in regard to PIA. We want this to not only be a short-term, but also a very long-term victory. We have seen PIA trying to encroach on our programs in the past, and it appears that they are trying to do it again.

The process we have to work through is slow. We are preparing a Public Records Act request to gather the information we need to be able to determine the scope of our next steps. I have spoken with our representative in the legislative department, discussing what possible legislators might be favorable to our cause, depending on the information that the PRA request reveals.

As we cannot do this alone, I have a question for you… how are you and the members in your worksite working to use this as an organizing opportunity? Strong participation in coordinated worksite actions send a very strong message to management.

We must be strategic now more than ever, especially on such important issues as this. We have to make sure we do this right. I know that everyone loves to use the State’s email system to talk about this, but management (who would like nothing more than that all unions disappear) really likes to know how badly they fracture us with their antics.

Please use a personal email for future correspondence on this issue.

Remember…Big Brother is listening!