Planners and Agents meeting update


On August 24th and 25th a team representing 3 classifications met in Sacramento to negotiate with the state regarding the Recruitment and Retention issues they were currently experiencing.

The teams consisted of the following members:

Environmental Planners:

  1. Claudia Gambaro, Military Department, Sacramento
  2. Edvard Isaacs, Department of Transportation, Los Angeles
  3. Lindsay Vivian, Department of Transportation, Oakland

Right of Way Agents:

  1. Jean Colyer, Associate Right of Way, San Bernardino
  2. Tanisha Barfield, Department of Transportation, San Bernardino
  3. Carl Gustafson, Department of Transportation, Alameda

Transportation Planners:

  1. Kevin Menager, Franchise Tax Board, Sacramento
  2. Paul Svedersky, Department of Transportation, Oakland
  3. Todd Nguyen, Department of Transportation, San Bernardino

“It is very satisfying to finally make our case to the right people working for the State. I was proud to be part of the team that presented our facts, and I look forward to a response to all of our hard work.” Lindsay Vivian, Environmental Planner.

At the table, the team presented testimony and additional evidence regarding the numerous inequities that the classifications were facing. The team made many suggestions to the State regarding possible solutions and strategies to solve both recruitment and retention issues. Currently we await a response from the State to determine our next steps.

Please stay tuned to the Unit 1 page as additional groups present their case and we await responses from the State.