Making a Difference by Making Calls, Texts


This election is a watershed moment for our democracy, as voters are asked to vote on the future of our state and our nation. Local 1000 members have joined the fight by participating in phone banks, texting voters, and volunteering their time to help ensure that the future of our democracy is one in which we can all participate.

So far, the messaging SEIU has executed over the last two months has been effective at driving support for the Biden/Harris campaign and increasing the overall likelihood to vote among communities across the state. As economic hardship falls on working people due to the continued failure to address the Coronavirus pandemic, participating in this campaign has become an even more important part of the future for our state. If politicians and business interests have decided that the fight for basic protections and dignity for working Californians will be fought in the political arena, Local 1000 will do what it takes to ensure that our members and those who are important to them are represented in that fight.

We encourage you to join the fight by speaking to your fellow Local 1000 members and your community about the importance of this election and by voting. To find a phone or text banking shift and help spread the word on our positions on these important propositions, Click here and choose the shift that suits your schedule — day, evening, or Saturday. And thanks for making a difference!