Professional Development Days: Use them or lose them! Deadline Approaching!


One of our hard-earned contract rights is Professional Development Days (PDD). Local 1000-represented employees accrue two PDD each fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

You must use these days in the fiscal year they are accrued

It’s important to remember that Professional Development Days are separate from any other provision afforded in the contract—including “educational leave.” These days can be used at your discretion and management may not request documentation for this leave.

Things to remember about Professional Development Days

  • PDD leave can be used in no less than one-hour increments
  • PDD leave is used at the employee’s discretion; no documentation is required
  • PDD must be used in the fiscal year in which they are accrued; this leave does not carry over into future years
  • Employees cannot have more than two PDD in their leave bank at any time
  • PDD cannot be cashed out
  • Your supervisor cannot specify or demand the days on which you use your PDD
  • PDD are separate from any other contract provision, and are not considered “educational leave”

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