Program Technician Reclass Update


Your Program Technician Committee met with CalHR and representatives from EDD, DOJ, State Fund and the Personal Management Division (PMD) on May 21, 2015, to continue the process of reviewing the Program Technician classification series through our Joint Labor Management Committee (JLMC) outlined in Contract Article 14.16.4.

This was the second meeting following a long hiatus due to CalHR’s shifting staff. At our last meeting, your PT team presented the concept of a deep class for the Program Technician classification. At this meeting, CalHR owed us a response. They started off positively stating that CalHR’s team had time to reflect on mutual goals and that there was a path forward that we (SEIU Local 1000) would like.

We were told then that the Civil Service Improvement Project –CSI had already marked the PT classification for a deep class review, but due to workload and staff bandwidth a concrete plan had not been constructed and that it would take about two more months to determine a time frame for review. They continued stating that they would like to gather additional data for CSI to review at that time and any outcome on a deep class would be data driven.

We immediately pushed back and stated that we are happy about the Civil Service Improvement Project recommendation, but we do not want our fight here at the table to be contingent on what CSI decides. We wanted details! We wanted a clear timeline! We wanted a plan! CalHR relented and agreed that SEIU Local 1000 would be able to choose two (2) people from the five (5) heaviest users of Program Technicians – EDD, DOJ, State Fund, DSS and Covered CA.

With a clear goal in place, we used the remainder of our meeting time to brainstorm and develop questions for Program Technicians that will be selected from each of these departments collaboratively. It is a great beginning.


The PT Team needs your help. All Program Technicians need to stand strong together and reach our goal of 90% membership activism. This is what will put pressure on the State to achieve our goal of a deep class without testing. We cannot do it without solidarity!


If you have any questions about the Program Technician JLMC process or would like information on how to get involved, Please contact a Program Technician Team Member:

1. Sophia Perkins, PT (DHCF) –

2. Karen Jefferies, PT II (DOJ) –

3. Kevin Lennon, PT (State Fund) –

4. Theresa Hubbard, PT (State Fund) –

5. Clarice Baldwin, PT II (DSS) –

6. Grace Parra, PT II (DHCF) -

7. Lisa Davis, PT (State Fund) –

8. Dolores Leslie, PT (State Fund) -

9. Derrick Hodges, PT (SCO) –