Program Technician Team Update
Team refocuses direction to establish new classification


After meeting in January and February, the Program Technician Strategic Planning Team (SPT) will meet again in March to review and discuss the refocused direction of the Program Technician Committee (PTC). 

The PTC is working to establish new classification specifications resulting in a “deep class” for the Program Technician Series. The SPT is working to put together their expectations and responsibilities for the new direction that the PTC is taking. The Strategic Planning Team wants to engage the Program Technicians in those discussions. That engagement will start with statewide Program Technician worksite meetings. 

The next SPT meeting will be held March 26, 2015, in Sacramento.  On April 7, the Program Technician Committee will meet with the State of California, CalHR, pursuant to Contract Article 14.16.4, to present this new concept and direction.

Thank you to all the active participating Program Technicians for your continued efforts to move this mission forward, and welcome to our newest team member, Lisa Davis of the State Compensation Insurance Fund in Santa Ana.

If you haven’t been active, get involved! This change in direction concerns all of us, so let us hear from you! Every Program Technician should be an active participant. Let’s talk about the PT contract language and the direction the PTC is pursuing, and take advantage of the hard fought contractual wins our bargaining secured for us.

We will continue to provide you with regular updates on the team’s progress. If you have any questions, please contact the Program Technician Team Chair Karen Jefferies at or (916) 606-6516.