Progress on Unit 15 upward mobility
Unit 15 JLMC makes progress on upward mobility for members


On May 27th, the Unit 15 Statewide Upward Mobility Team met with representatives from DSH, EDD, CDCR and DDS to continue working on improving members’ access to the state’s upward mobility resources. The team included Jesse Aranda (DSH), Garth Underwood (CDCR), Shavone Brown (DGS), Rueben Cooley Jr. (CDCR), Ellis Washington (EDD) and Contract Department staff. 

Local 1000’s team and the state continued their review of upward mobility programs for different departments.  Your Unit 15 member representatives pressed the state to explain their plans to provide greater access to existing information. Our review of the departments’ practices reveals that the state is all over the place on how they provide training, communicate promotion options and provide access to information officers to help answer questions.  The team and the state discussed concepts for solutions to some of these problems.

“We keep telling the state that many Unit 15 members don’t have access to computers and work evening and night shifts. Putting information and training on the state’s intranet, where it is not accessible to outside computers, and for some, blocked on worksite computers because of access restrictions, is not a solution for many of our members. The needs for Unit 15 members are specific, so the solutions have to be specific,” said Garth Underwood, Unit 15 DBUR and one of our CDCR member representatives.

The Unit 15 Statewide Upward Mobility Team will meet the state next on July 23, 2015.