Progress on Unit 4 program tech reclassification


Local 1000’s ongoing campaign to update the job specifications of nearly 4,000 Program Technicians (PT) got a boost when the state agreed to jointly interview workers about their duties in several key departments.

The PT classification has not been updated for 20 years while our members’ duties have evolved dramatically. On April 24, CalHR agreed to meet with frontline program technicians in several major departments and talk about their duties. Members of the Local 1000 Program Technician Committee will also participate in the interviews, which will likely include departments with the highest numbers of program technicians such as the Department of Justice, EDD, Covered California and SCIF.

“The state will hear real feedback from our members about their jobs instead of just talking to supervisors or department heads,” said Sophia Perkins, chair of Bargaining Unit 4. “Reclassification of program technicians is a top priority for the unit.”

The Program Technician Committee will meet the state on May 21. The interviews with program technicians are expected to take place this summer.

For more information on the reclassification campaign continue visiting the Bargaining Unit 4 page.