Prohibition on “gifts” to CalPERS staff
3:59 PM - February 28, 2010


Local 1000 met with PERS management regarding revisions to the current gift policy. The new policy would prohibit gifts of any value to PERS staff that are in “designated positions” under the Political Reform Act. 
The Fair Political Practices Commission currently allows gifts of $10 or less to not be reported. The new policy has been implemented for non-represented staff, but is on-hold for Local 1000 bargaining units. 

The Department of Personnel Administration has not granted CalPERS authority to negotiate a change in policy, and the policy can not be changed without bargaining with the Union.  

For more information, contact Neal Johnson, Unit 1 representative at the table.  He can be reached

Approximately 1,100 Unit 1 employees work at CalPERS.