Protecting upward mobility
Steward helps force management to update personnel file


Local 1000 provides crucial representation to our members, not only at the bargaining table, but by backing up workers in the day-to-day interactions with management bureaucracy that can affect career advancement.

One of our members at Child Support Services recently experienced just that kind of support after coming to the union for assistance with getting management to remove outdated performance-related materials from his file. The contents of a state worker’s supervisor’s file can have a major impact on their ability to promote and take advantage of career opportunities.

Steward Thomas Perine jumped at the chance to help his coworker. Perine and the member worked with Local 1000 staff to get management to agree to remove all outdated materials from the supervisor’s file. After months of repeatedly engaging with management, the union prevailed and the member was able to witness the removal of the outdated performance documents and see them placed in a shredding bin.

“This case shows that when dealing with state managers,” said Perine, “a little persistence, backed up with union power, can really get things done for our members.”