Qualifications Appraisal Panel (QAP) Interviews
(From "You and Your QAP Interview," Department of Rehabilitation, October 2002)


One of the most common types of exam plans is the QAP interview. A panel consisting of two or three people will ask you some pre-determined job-related questions. All questions used in the exam have been developed by subject matter experts familiar with the classification.

Questions for the QAP interview are patterned so that every applicant hears exactly the same question. The panel cannot rephrase or clarify any of its inquiries; however, it can repeat the question.

The QAP interview is intended to rate the quality of an applicant’s qualifications, particularly in comparison to the other candidates in the examination. Successful candidates are scored in order, with the most qualified at the top of the list.  

The identity of the panel members are kept confidential until the first day of the interviews. The panel will have a chairperson and one or two state service representatives (SRRs). For some open exams, a public member may participate. The chairperson represents the state and ensures the interviews are conducted in a fair and legitimate manner. The SSRs are usually one or two levels above the classification and have knowledge of the classification being tested.

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